Victoria’s (should stay) Secret

It was a beautiful, sunny Colorado day — what day isn’t beautiful and sunny here? Well there is the occasional blizzard that shuts down the city for a few days, but sun always follows the snow. Case in point was the nearly two feet of snow we had dumped on us a month ago that melted after a few 70-degree beauties. Anyway, I digress.

It was a beautiful, sunny Colorado day when my clients and I entered a house that was for sale. It was a sweet little 1960s ranch in southwestern Denver. Some updating. Priced pretty well for the market. Nice size yard. Big kitchen. Huge picture of the lady of the house in a negligee. Two full baths.

Wait a second. Back it up. Yes, you read it correctly. We walked into the living room and there it was, in all its glory hanging over the sofa — a 2’x3’ glamour shot of this woman in a teddy. Now, I’m all for personal expression, but please, not to the whole world. I mean, this was not Victoria’s Secret quality (not that I would know anything about that … ). And even if it was … the living room?!

So when I asked my clients if they could see themselves in this home, his response was, “Not with that picture on the wall!” And there lies the problem with so many listings: they aren’t presented in a way that will make them appeal to the largest possible group of buyers. Yes, your little girl’s pink and purple room is adorable … now let’s get it painted a neutral color. Sure, that wood paneling was popular in the 70s … please, please get it updated. Certainly, your husband/boyfriend/neighborhood stalker enjoys looking at that picture on your living room wall … may I suggest this nice Monet print?

We are in a challenging housing market. But not an impossible one. Houses that are prepared to show in their best light and are priced appropriately will sell. I’ve been in about 15,000 homes over my years in real estate — I think I’ve got it pretty well figured out as to what works and what doesn’t. So put the negligee shot in storage — I’ll help you find the perfect new house with a wall that is just right … .