Watch Out Brian Williams . . .

Real estate is always a hot topic – probably because most of us own a home. So, the subject comes up pretty much everywhere I go. I talked real estate with my dentist just this morning. Well, I didn’t say much until he got his hands out of my mouth! But after that I answered some questions he had. I got my hair cut yesterday and guess what Dina and I talked about?

So it’s not surprising that we hear about real estate in the news. It’s in the business section of the paper most days. It’s on the TV news shows, national and local. It’s on internet blogs – like this one!

Tonight, FOX 31 is doing a couple packages on real estate in Denver. At 9 pm they are talking about some of the areas of town that have seen the biggest increase in home values over the past year; at 10 pm they talk about the areas with the biggest decrease. Any idea who their “expert” is? That’s right! Tune in tonight and see if Greg makes a complete dork of himself!

You also may see a couple of my new listings and one of my current buyer clients, Meredith McKinnon.